More Cakes and Cuppies part 2 :)

too much too handle? no worries... here's more!

 It's a rainbow cake with ripple design.

 Spiderman theme cake.

Lego theme cake

Manchester United theme red velvet cake

 Aeroplane theme cake.

 Red and White theme cake.the big flower is Peony made of fondant.

 Red velvet cuppies with red ribbon rose fondant.
 Square cakes for your party! easier to cut as it's only 1.5" thick.

 Strawberry cuppies with Boboiboy theme edible image.

 rainbow cake.

 red velvet cuppies.

 Sofia The First edible image for Amira Sofeya 4th Birthday!

 Totenham Hotspurs theme cake during the World cup fever ;)

i got to know that Aira loves anything with heart shape. so here goes for Aira.

 i call this "Cinta Antara Benua" theme cake :) it's a red velvet cake.

 Irfan just luuurve Gumball!

 This is more than 3kg Red Velvet cake. Looks like a weeding cake but it's actually a birthday cake for a special someone ;)

 Unique cake - Gold Bar!

 its' a Red Velvet cuppies with Red Velvet lettering :)

 Vanilla butter cake with purple garden of rossettes.

Red Velvet cake for a birthday boy.

  Chocolates! Chocolates! Red velvet cake inside!

more cakes and cuppies!

it has been a while, i know... i have been very busy now i sent my cakes to a cafe. so most of my baking are for the cafe. but that doesn't mean that i don't take orders for birthday cakes etc... etc...

here are some cakes and cuppies from me... cheers!

 Sam the Fireman theme for Zahin's 6th birthday celebration. The cake was a vanilla butter cake.

 Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache for sweet Alya's birthday with Barbie edible image.

 Simple hantaran miniature cakes with polkadot mint and white theme.

 Red velvet cake for SKBJ's Teacher's Day. My appreciation to my daughter's teachers.

 Rainbow cake with  ombre rossette for a hen's party ;)