Smurfette - the only girl smurf with blue skin and golden yellow hair... so cute and adorable!
Smurfette 3kg Choc Cake
Smurfette Chocolate cupcakes
Fashionistas Smurfette I
Fashionistas Smurfette II
Fashionista Smurfette III

White Rossette Cake

It's my pleasure when someone called me and asked me to design a cake for hantaran with simple decore. I've been wanting to make this design for such a long time... and when the opportunity comes, that's it!! I'm loving every second creating this cake :)
the white rosette cake

More chess theme

I hate chess. And I never thought there's a fan for this board game. However, after my 1st chess cake, i received 2 orders for the theme, on the same date. Wow!! Was it because of Twilight : Breaking Dawn book cover is chess picture or what? But here goes... Happy Birthday Haziq and Happy Anniversary Anis+Azli...
For Haziq - Choc Moist

Red Velvet for him ;)

This RV is commisioed by a friend's cousin to her husband. "I want to surprise him." "The timing must be right" Hehehe... i love it when they wanted to make a suprise party... So here goes...

Chocolate Temptation... for the love birds...

"I nak surprisekan my wife during her birthday, boleh tolong buatkan kek tak?" My pleasure!!
He wanted a simple design cake, with choc moist & vanilla buttercake. So, i made a layered cake - choc moist/vanilla butter/choc moist cake... with this design...
simple design as requested
choclate curls + details

Ultraman Cake

Choc moist cake for a birthday boy. Happy Birthday Rizq Mikael ;)

Happening During Syawal 2011

Syawal baru berakhir... Check out some of the orders during Syawal 2011... some for birthdays, some for wedding, and some for raya open house... whatever the occasion is, cakes and cuppies is necessary as dessert ;)
Choc moist with choc ganache and Cadbury Crunchie topping. Sinful!!
Hantaran Bertunang - yellow theme
Cupcakes for wedding giveaways
Football theme choc moist birthday cake
Choc moist cake from Maybank Group Call Center
Red velvet with cream cheese topping from Maybank Group Call Center

The carrot cuppies

Carrot cakes with cream cheese... mmm... great combination...
the whole 16pcs
close up

Dora The Explorer

Choc moist cake for Keisha's 3rd birthday celebration.

Dora & Boots
Close-up on the imported chocolate button

Raya & Mooncake Festival

Thanks to ECM Libra for ordering this individual packing cuppies for their Raya & Mooncake Festival celebration. Using edible image for both theme, making it neat and standardize for all. Thanks ECM Libra ;)
Raya Theme
Mooncake Festival Theme

More RVs for Raya 2011

Red velvet is the favourite!! I made varieties of so called designs... ;)
choclate sprinkle
normal design
chocolate "shining" button

RAYA 2011


Strawberry Shortcake :)

Here's an order with Strawberry Shortcake with Princess touch :)
Happy Birthday Anis Adibah :)
The so called entourage ;)
The single cuppies...

Winx Club

Commissioned by a friend of mine for her 9yrs old girl. And she wanted piping jelly for the design. The piping jelly is fine by me. Winx Club?? Frankly, I never heard of this children cartoon/animated series. I do some research and oh! I got an idea of wht is exactly Winx Club...
Happy Birthday Najihah :) Here's a Winx Club (her name is Blossom if I'm not mistaken) for you...
The Winx Club design with the real Winx Club picture

Red velvets ;)

Another 2 sets of RVs...
"RV Bersalju Merah"
Cute RVs
Close-up Cute RVs

For The Birthday Gal :)

This cupcakes was commissioned by a mother to her little girl named Sarah, to be sent to the school, with her frinds name on it.

the main box with the birthday wish...

the 2nd box with the friends name
the 3rd box with the friends name

Red Velvet in da house yo!!

RV as we call it is "hot" new cakes in town. Thanks to Belinda for the orders for her boy's cukur jambul and aqiqah.

Disney Princess and Ben10

Disney Princess will always be the favourite for young girls and Ben 10 will be the fav for the boys...
Happy Birthday to Puteri Aisya Yasmin and Megat Hafiq Iskandar ;) Heres for both of you xoxox
Disney Pincess

All for the big day :)

Hers - gold & silver
His - red & white
to the relatives - white & pink.
Thanking Fariha for the trust to us tp commomerate your big day. Wishing you Selamat Pengantin Baru.
Hers - gold & silver carrot cake
top view
His - red & white choc moist
The whole 16pcs
white & pink for the relatives