Smurfette - the only girl smurf with blue skin and golden yellow hair... so cute and adorable!
Smurfette 3kg Choc Cake
Smurfette Chocolate cupcakes
Fashionistas Smurfette I
Fashionistas Smurfette II
Fashionista Smurfette III

White Rossette Cake

It's my pleasure when someone called me and asked me to design a cake for hantaran with simple decore. I've been wanting to make this design for such a long time... and when the opportunity comes, that's it!! I'm loving every second creating this cake :)
the white rosette cake

More chess theme

I hate chess. And I never thought there's a fan for this board game. However, after my 1st chess cake, i received 2 orders for the theme, on the same date. Wow!! Was it because of Twilight : Breaking Dawn book cover is chess picture or what? But here goes... Happy Birthday Haziq and Happy Anniversary Anis+Azli...
For Haziq - Choc Moist