Black & White Wedding Cake

I love to make this b&w wedding cake... Thanks to Nisa for ordering this cake for her cousin's wedding...

You'll Never Walk Alone - LIVERPOOL -

For Liverpool fans out there (including me), this is for u... This Liverpool theme chocolate moist cake is commissioned by my cousin (by marriage) for her son's 7th birthday. It's a simple party. organized at Subang Grand Futsal Arena... my daughter had fun! Thanks Kak Ita ;)

Barbie time!!!

It's Barbie timeeee....

Commissioned by A friend of mine, Nisa, for her niece's 3rd birthday party... Thanks Nisa :)

Wedding + 8 Miniature cake

It's my dream to do this kind of cake - wedding cake + miniature cake. And here it is... Commissioned by Cik Gee for her cousin sister's wedding last weekend in Bukit Bandaraya, Shah Alam... Thanks Cik Gee... ehh!! Pn Gee ;)

Glory! Glory! Man U !!!

A softer side of Manchester United. Why?? Coz it's not red red instead it's slightly towards pink :D But still... Glory! Glory! Man U!! And Happy Birthday Mandev!

It's a chocolate Walnut!!!

It looks like chocolate moist cake but it's not. It's chocolate walnut cake commisioned by Kak Siti... the design is called HATCHING. The hatching design is freehandly crafted, given the idea by my hubby ;). Hatching is famous in architecture terms, leaving an unstructured weaving effect.

BonusLink Blue...

Thanks to Bonuslink for ordering 110pcs of this blue color cuppies for their in-house product launching last week. Individually packed, it comes in 2 different design.