All for the big day :)

Hers - gold & silver
His - red & white
to the relatives - white & pink.
Thanking Fariha for the trust to us tp commomerate your big day. Wishing you Selamat Pengantin Baru.
Hers - gold & silver carrot cake
top view
His - red & white choc moist
The whole 16pcs
white & pink for the relatives

It's Barney timeee!!! It's party timmeee!!!

It's my pleasure to make Barney's theme cake and cuppies for my dear nephew... Held on 19 June 2010 at Putra Heights, it's just a small party (only the closest family members are invited) yet it's a wonderful party for the birthday boy... Why??? It's his FAVOURITE characters' theme party!!! It's a Barney time!!! Here goes....
The Barney theme cake.
Close up!
Close up!!
The birthday boy poking the Barney :D
Still looking at his Barney :D Cake Challenge ;)

A day before the final competiton on 28th May 2011, I was called by the organiser "Would you like to participate as someone pull out and you are the next in line". Gulp!!! "Give me 30 minutes to decide" and there goes... I got encouragement to participate (I was shaking!!) by my hubby and my collegues... 30 minutes later "ok, I'll participate" and there it goes...
On the day itself, my heart was pounding HARD!!! Surrounded by peoples at Tropicana City Mall, we (14 of us) were given 1 hour to complete our cake.
I didn't win tho but it'sa good experience. And this one is mine...
For more pictures, u can browse thru facebook/ page

The Golds and The Browns :)

It's very tricky to get the golden effect... but at last, i manage to get it... This is the 4 designs i made to a "hantaran" order last week. Theme - Gold & Brown... here goes...

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

All the 4 design

All the 16 pcs ;)

Double Celebration!!!

Barcelona!! Barcelona!! Barcelone!!!
This Barcelona Messi no 10 shirt has been ordered since mid May but the husband kena outstaion... so she said "Kak, hold dulu kek tu ye? Hubby saya kena outstation." "ok" i said... Just nice 3 days before the final match between MU & Barcelona, she called me again and confirmed the order... to be delivered a day after the match... and guess what?? BARCELONA won the match... that is why it's a double celebration ;) Thanks Teeha... It's a red velvet cake

Anniversary cake...

Here's an anniversary cake requested by a friend of mine to be given to her husband. As she will be away on that day, therefore it's gonna be a surpprise gift to him, at his office. So sweet.... Happy 5th Anniversary Ina & Man...