Justin Bieber in da house!!!

Justin Bieber has millions of fans... Teen fans that is... and a birthday cake with Bieber's face - that's cool isn't it!!

so this is my version of JB's face cake (on the right), inspired by the pop art picture of him (on the left)... free hand with fondant...

Happy Birthday Nani!!

Ultraman Mebius

Name me the name of the many Ultramans u can remember... Taro... Tiga... Mother of Ultraman... Mebius!! yup! you heard me right... Mebius is also an Ultraman (though I don't really know him...)

And i got Mebius head in da house!!! it's chocolate moist cake covered in fondant...

He's not that strong afterall ;)

Happy Birthday Ieman Dhiaaulhaq!!

 The Mebius head!

some likes it embroidery...

It can be a wedding cake design, but i decided to put it on cookies covered with fondant.

Any wedding wants this design, you know where to find me ;)

Looks like embroidery... taste yummy!!

 in conjunction with Father's Day...

... looks nice in jars too...

Captain America!!!

This year marks my 3rd year being Andra's (my husband's nephew) cake designer for his birthday. 1st year is a foot ball theme... 2nd year is Barney's theme... and this year... Captain America theme!!!

can't wait for the 4th year (if I'm still selected) :D Bring it on!!!!

Meet Megat Andra Mikael a.k.a. Andra, the birthday boy. Isn't he adorable!!

Captain America's sheild cake with various cake toppers...

More Red Velvet...

 Looks like it's red velvet year! More RVs in da house!!!

 Rosettes RV...

 Inspired by the king of fruit... Durian design RV

A mixture of Medium and small RVs

Round decor RV

 Skateboard with Spitfire (it's one of a skateboard company) logo RV


This is a fondant Choc Moist Spiderman theme cake i made for Miqael & Mliqe, together with 16pcs cupcakes with the theme decor. Happy Birthday boys!!

The whole cake and cuppies.

... with royal icing spiders all over the cake...

It's All About Red Velvet...

Red velvet, a classic cake. Here's some RVs for the mothe's day week...

Simple RV deco

Someone gave the name - Tenggiling.
Am just playing around with the design and it turns out as a hit!!!

And even I myself can't help it!!! Gotta have a slice!!!

RV Cupcakes

Another Tenggiling

Heart Shaped Tenggiling

RV with "Mother's Day" And Graduation theme toppers

Some projects here and there...

2012 is quite a hectic year... but alhamdulillah, some of my friends still remembers me and request for my touch heheheh...
Here are some of the projects done... my personal touch... enjoy!
This is a cupcake topper...
how it looks like with the cupcakes
Red Velvet with cream cheese
Vanilla butter cupcakes
Red velvel with cream cheese snail design
Chocolate moist cake and cupcakes with "Transformers" theme
Chocolate moist cake with "Angry Bird" theme
... close up...
Vanilla Butter cupcake with fresh cream and "Smurf" theme cupcake topper
you can personalized the toppers...

I'm backk!!!

It's been quite sometimes tht i didnt update my blog.... I've been busy, running and juggling around... but the again, it didn't stop me from baking and decorating. As cooking, baking and cake/cupcakes decorating keeps me focus and a stress reliever.
Here's more cakes design during my absent...
The Mermaid and 4 Jejaka ordered by the same person for her daughters... The elders with requested the 4 Jejaka, the youngest wants mermaid... Happy Birthday Balqis and Aimy ;)
The Mermaid
Close-up on the corals and underwater
4 Jejaka Melayu
Another "Ariel The Mermaid" was ordered by another person. It's a chocolate moist cake. Happy Birthday Kyra ;)
Ariel the Mermaid
This Princess cake with layered design is for my daughter's birthday. She was overwhelm as it's a surprise birthday celebration. I took the cake to her school and she celebrated with her friends. Her 1st time celebrated it with friends at school and we have to "tadah telinga" as she keeps on repeating how happy she was celebrate her birthday at school... she was in the cake with the princesses... etc... etc... All in all, I am a happy mom as i know she's happy with her birthday celebration. Happy Birthday my love!!
Princess Theme