I'm backk!!!

It's been quite sometimes tht i didnt update my blog.... I've been busy, running and juggling around... but the again, it didn't stop me from baking and decorating. As cooking, baking and cake/cupcakes decorating keeps me focus and a stress reliever.
Here's more cakes design during my absent...
The Mermaid and 4 Jejaka ordered by the same person for her daughters... The elders with requested the 4 Jejaka, the youngest wants mermaid... Happy Birthday Balqis and Aimy ;)
The Mermaid
Close-up on the corals and underwater
4 Jejaka Melayu
Another "Ariel The Mermaid" was ordered by another person. It's a chocolate moist cake. Happy Birthday Kyra ;)
Ariel the Mermaid
This Princess cake with layered design is for my daughter's birthday. She was overwhelm as it's a surprise birthday celebration. I took the cake to her school and she celebrated with her friends. Her 1st time celebrated it with friends at school and we have to "tadah telinga" as she keeps on repeating how happy she was celebrate her birthday at school... she was in the cake with the princesses... etc... etc... All in all, I am a happy mom as i know she's happy with her birthday celebration. Happy Birthday my love!!
Princess Theme